Translation of a letter to the editor: “In post-war Finland we felt empathy”

Moving and important.

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A pensioner born in what was then Finnish Karelia writes to the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat (original letter in Finnish). She is obviously perplexed by the extensive discussion nowadays about who is a migrant and who is a refugee. She quotes Eino Leino, and this is remarkable given the timing: just yesterday Jukka Huusko wrote in the same paper about Eino Leino and his sense of humanity, a piece also motivated by the recent weeks of tense debate about racism and immigration in Finland (Finnish original and English translation). Although she is clearly not responding to Jukka Huusko, she quotes the same line of Leino.

In post-war Finland we knew empathy

My 30-year-old mother was forced, in the summer of 1944, to flee war with five children, leaving behind the village of Lottola, in Jääski, where the family had lived for centuries. The youngest child was…

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