Spring Hymn (Keväthymni), Eino Leino


This is from the early Pyhä kevät (“Sacred Spring”) collection, published in 1901. It’s perhaps too easy to see this as a Christian poem – in spite of the obvious allusions here, Leino was deeply influenced by the ancient forest spirituality of the Finns.

Through the land the spirit surges,
opens all the wintry tombs.
See, already shroud is hidden!
Now new faith in heart it blooms.

Earth that under snow’s been sleeping
now awakens with new life,
sound of kantele now echoes:
risen Saviour’s conquered strife.

By his pains he has awoken
every human heart’s delight.
Mind’s released, to skies ascending,
soaring up to glory’s height!


Herran henki mailla kulkee,
haudat kaikki aukeaa.
Kas, jo katkee kääriliinat!
Sydän uuden uskon saa.

Maa, mi nukkui hangen alla,
herää uuteen elohon,
kautta ilman kannel kaikuu:
Vapahtaja noussut on.

Herää sydän ihmisenki
iloinensa, suruineen.
Astu aatos, lennä, liidä
kirkastuksen korkeuteen!

Translation by Rupert Moreton

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