Thou and you (Ты и вы), Alexander Pushkin

pushkin sp

The empty you with heartfelt thou
That slip she made, so accidental –
And all my happy dreams were now
Bestirred by soul’s love fundamental.
I faced her, by the moment caught;
To hold her gaze I had not power:
I said to her: “You’re precious flower!”
But “How I love thee!” was my thought.


Пустое в ы сердечным т ы
Она, обмолвясь, заменила,
И все счастливые мечты
В душе влюбленной возбудила.
Пред ней задумчиво стою;
Свести очей с нее нет силы;
И говорю ей: “как в ы милы!”
И мыслю: “как т е б я люблю!”

Translation by Rupert Moreton

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