The Angel (Ангел), Alexander Pushkin

Portrait of Pushkin, 1827, Orest Kiprensky

At Eden’s gates an angel gentle
His head did bow with lustred hue,
And demon, dark and temperamental,
Above the fires of Hades flew.

The wicked spirit of negation
Upon the other’s pureness gazed
And then a warm, unknown sensation
His conscience now for first time grazed.

“Forgive me, but I’ve seen you,” said he,
“So shining on me had its worth:
Not everything in heav’n displeased me,
Nor did I hate it all on earth.”


В дверях эдема ангел нежный
Главой поникшею сиял,
А демон мрачный и мятежный
Над адской бездною летал.

Дух отрицанья, дух сомненья
На духа чистого взирал
И жар невольный умиленья
Впервые смутно познавал.

“Прости,- он рек,- тебя я видел,
И ты недаром мне сиял:
Не все я в небе ненавидел,
Не все я в мире презирал”.

Translation by Rupert Moreton

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