“The spring, the spring” (“Весна, весна”), Alexander Pushkin

The thaw in Helsinki
The thaw in Helsinki

Pushkin wrote this in 1827. Although his exile had ended, he still found himself subjected to censorship, and his travel was severely restricted. Perhaps this poem expresses some of his personal frustration; or perhaps – like many of us who live in northern climes – he found the muddy thaw th emost depressing time of the year.

The spring, the spring – you bring love’s flood,
How hard for me your apparition,
What listless and yet crazed condition
Afflicts my soul and taints my blood…
Unknown to heart is joy’s ignition…
And all that joys and swells to bud
Brings yawn and sloth, by definition.

So give me storm and icy blizzard,
Long winter filled with inky nights.


Весна, весна, пора любви,
Как тяжко мне твое явленье,
Какое томное волненье
В моей душе, в моей крови…
Как чуждо сердцу наслажденье…
Всё, что ликует и блестит,
Наводит скуку и томленье.


Отдайте мне метель и вьюгу
И зимний долгий мрак ночей.

Translation by Rupert Moreton

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